Not Guilty Anymore

Have you ever heard the song ‘Not Guilty Anymore’ by Aaron Keyes? The first time I heard the song something really heavy inside of me disappeared. And it felt like a thin layer of grey disappeared from my eyes, and I could see clearly.

I’m gonna write down parts of the song here for you.

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, hear me tell you “I forgive”.  You’re not guilty anymore. You’re not filthy anymore. I love you, mercy is yours. You’re not broken anymore. You’re not captive anymore. I love you, mercy is yours.”

I’ve been a christian all my life, so this isn’t news for me. I do know that God forgive us if we ask for his forgiveness, I’ve always known that. But when I heard this… I couldn’t breathe. I could understand it. The message. Even though I’ve never really experienced God’s intimacy with me, I could somehow understand that he IS close to me and that he really DOES love me.

“Can you believe that this is true? Grace abundant I am giving you, cleansing deeper than you know. All was paid for a long (time) ago.”

This was like, a confirmation of what I just realized. I remember that I was nodding intensively and blinking hard to keep me from bursting into tears. Everything was so real. Everything was true.

“You are spotless. You are holy. You are faultless.  You are whole. You are righteous. You are blameless. You are pardoned. You are mine!”

I did burst into tears after that. You can’t blame me, I realized that God’s love is true that night. Everything I’ve heard, everything I’ve read. It is all true. I am so thankful for this song and I’m thanking God I’ve found it. I really needed it.

Love, Sara


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