Time Passes By

My cousin turned 8 a few days ago so he had a birthday party today. I can’t believe how big he has become.

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I was seven years old and for some weird reason completely convinced my aunt was gonna have a girl. My mom and I even made a bet on it, me for my aunt having a girl, mom for a boy. I was taking a bath when my mom came rushing in saying it was a boy. A baby boy. He was my first cousin, well, I knew I had cousins on my father’s side of the family but I had never met any of them. So for me, they didn’t count.
The day after he was born my dad ‘died’. He didn’t really die. At least not according to me. He like, became dead. More about that some other time.
So, for me, it was like someone left my life and someone came into my life. I realize now afterwards that was a blessing from God.

There were huge problems naming him. I remember his name was Gabriel for a few days until he ended up with the name he has today; Jonathan.
I remember I thought it was weird that they were gonna name him that, because Jonathan for me was the big brave boy in the fairy tale  “the Brothers Lionheart” by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. For me it was like they were stealing the story’s Jonathan’s name.

Nowadays it’s weird having a normal and grown-up conversation with him since I can still see that little boy unsteady sitting up, mimic animal-sounds, and running around in the apartment having his mom terrified he will fall and get hurt.

He could as well be my little brother, people have told me many times we treat each other like brothers and sisters. Then we kinda look alike.
Since I don’t have any siblings I see him as my little brother.

He has always looked up to me, which I’m not that happy about since I’m not the best role-model you can have. His awesome sense of humor is from me though; where he’s ironic and pulling pranks on people. I have to admit I’m really proud of that.

Now he can read on his own and soon you don’t have to read the Swedish subtitle for him while watching movies.
He’s a big boy now. It’s time to realize that. And no matter what, I’ll love him to death.

Love, Sara

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