Just Being Me…

“What if the picture is bigger than you see? And God has you right where he wants you to be. Just listen to your heart, he’s telling you with every beat. You’re still that girl”

It’s crazy how songs can change your mood instantly. I was feeling very down today when I suddenly found the song ‘Still That Girl’ by Britt Nicole.
The song describes me perfectly! Well, I don’t have brown hair and blue eyes, I have blonde hair and some kind of blue-green colored eyes. But if you ignore that, it describes me perfectly.

Movies, books, songs – you name it – they all have a great impact on me, good and bad.
When I saw Karate Kid I wanted to start karate, when I saw Step Up I wanted to start street dance. It has always been like this, and the examples are endless. A few days ago I finished the book The Hunger Games and guess what? I want to learn archery.
This time is different from the others though, because I have actually tried archery, and I loved it! But this time I think I’m actually gonna do it. I know I’m gonna regret it later if I don’t. It’s much cheaper than I thought I would be. My mom and I was out looking for bows. I want one, I want one, I want one!

My mom came up with a great idea a few weeks ago but I never considered it until today. She said that since I only want to play in christian movies I could email Affirm Films and tell them about me. I don’t know how these things works, but I know someone else has told me to do that too. But I’m not gonna do it yet. We’ll see!

Shalom, Sara

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