An Ordinary Day

My eyes has been bothering me all day. For those who don’t know, I squint. Or my eyes squint. I can’t use both of my eyes at the same time, so I use one of them then switch and use the other. The eye I’m not using gets in a weird direction. Get it? I’ve done this my whole life so for me it’s not something weird. Others react though. But most people don’t even notice since my hair is covering half of my face. And it’s not like it has started to bother me today. I have always hated it.

I still have this feeling saying I’m being prepared for something. Something big. Maybe God’s doing something? I think it is actually. Maybe it’s not about my eyes. Even though I know he’s gonna heal them someday. So I’m not worried about that. We’ll see when he does it.

Guess what? A complete stranger walked up to me today. He reached out this hand and looked at me. I looked at him confused, and he put his hand to his mouth as if he was smoking. He wanted money. I looked him in the eye and said that I was sorry but didn’t have any money. Then he started to smile so I smiled back at him. Then there was an awkward silent ’til he suddenly said: “You have nice lips.” Remember, this was a complete stranger in his early thirties, asking a 15-year-old for money. “I have nice lips?” I repeated confused. “Yeah. They are like… Thick.” Then he walked away. That was really random. Oh well.

I have been listening to ‘Moments Ago’ by the Swedish singer/songwriter Ulrik Munther all day. I never get tired of this song. Usually, I find a great song, have it on repeat for a week, then hate it. But not this time. I’ve been listening to this song for like two months now. Crazy. Gonna listen to it a few more times before I go to sleep.

Love, Sara

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