First of May

This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life! I have never cried so much, or laughed so much. I have never had this much hope, and still felt so hopeless. I have never felt so alone, and still felt that God has everything under control. It has been pretty crazy. Oh well. Everything is gonna be alright. I know it.

Anyways, First of May, huh? Spring has arrived! And it really has, at least in Sweden. Yesterday felt like a ordinary summer day. I was dressed in shorts and a colorful tee. I was the only one dressed like that so everybody was staring at me. Oh well.
I’ve realized how beautiful Sweden can be in the Spring and Summertime. I have never really thought of it since I don’t really like Sweden. Why I don’t like Sweden? There’s a lot of reasons. But one of them is probably the language. Swedish. Honestly, what kind of advantages do you get in life for knowing Swedish? You can live in Sweden. That’s pretty much it.
I’m not talking trash about Sweden now. I just told you it’s beautiful, right?

Love, Sara

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