It’s Time To Get Real

Alright. It’s time to get real. I always put too much thought into the posts I do. “Are they going to like this?”, “Can I even write that?”, “Will anyone actually read it?” I care too much. Haha.
I made this blog so I could write whatever I want. And to have everything saved for me to read later. Kinda. Sort of. I probably made this blog mostly to keep me from spamming Twitter.
You see, I think a lot. And sometimes I want to share my thoughts and the only way I could do that was through Twitter. Sometimes I could send several tweets saying something I thought was important or something I had realized or something I just thought was wrong with the world, and people would be all like “Oh my gosh, Sara! Stop spamming!” Haha! Sorry guys! I love you!

I’ve realized how many amazing people I have around me. When I was at the hospital a few days ago I got tons of messages from my friends asking how I was feeling. Or some people keep giving me suggestions of how I can get into the acting industry. I think it’s amazing when people show me that they actually care. That they actually believe I can make it.
A guy I have known almost my whole life just signed a contract in Florida for modeling. He’s gonna be a model for four years. I think they call him Paul there so if you ever see a blonde, tall guy named Paul on the cover of a magazine, it’s probably him. It might sound silly, but if I ever see a cover or a poster of him, I’m gonna put it up inside my locker in school as an inspiration. I gotta tell him that.


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