Guess what, guys?! I got an A in my English exam!!
I live in Sweden, as you probably know if you’ve been following my blog, so I’m not a native English-speaker. I have it as a second language. All students in Sweden start to learn English in school at the age of nine or maybe ten. When I first started it was fun of course, but at the age of twelve I hated it. I thought it was complicated and I didn’t really get the support I needed. It was a miracle I never failed it. Honestly. At the age of thirteen I skipped English completely. I studied Spanish too at that time and focused only on that. I remember that my English teacher came up to me saying: “Hello, Sara! How are you?”. For some reason my brain didn’t register the language was English so I answered: “Estoy bien. ¿Y tú?”. You should have seen her face!
This was only two years ago.

The real change began when I got home one day telling my mom I wanted to move to the U.S. That’s when my focus began. I suddenly had a life-goal. I started to watch movies without the Swedish subtitle and I took Twitter more seriously. I have always loved writing so I wrote down my thoughts in different notebooks, all in English, everything just to practice.

Now you might be thinking: “So, what? You had still been reading English for 3 or 4 years.” Yes, I had. But I was still at the “This is a mouse. He lives in a hat”-stage. Those books were really complicated. Haha. But it’s true though.

What I wanted to say with this blog post was not how bad I was at English a few years ago, but that you can do anything if you put your mind into it. I was at the bottom. I just got an A.

Shalom, Sara

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