The Girl I Didn’t Like

I wrote a lot yesterday in my highly beloved notebook and thought that I could share it with you guys. I was in Gothenburg before the others to look around in different clothing-stores. Since “the others” is a bunch of guys, I considered myself very kind who didn’t force them into different stores with me.

Anyways, here’s what I wrote:

“I’m sitting on a bench at a mall as I’m writing this, I just had to get it out. There’s a girl in my school I really don’t like. She’s mean to her friends, she gives snappy comments to random people in the school-corridor and she once filmed me and Alex as we were studying. We were the only ones in the classroom and she came in with her friends saying “whale baby” in some weird made-up accent while she was filming us with her iPhone. She was filming our reaction. Apparently, she and her friends thought the words “whale baby” were extremely funny or something.
Me and my friend Alex probably had the worlds greatest what-is-wrong-with-you-face expression. Even though this was like a year ago I still caught myself being scared she posted it online.
However, I just saw her as I was walking around looking in different clothing-stores. She was with a guy. The thing is; she looked so in love. She looked at him and was so happy. I’ve never seen anyone looking like that before. Never seen anyone having that face expression she had.

When I saw this, something changed inside of me. She has always had the title the girl I don”t like” for me. I don’t even know her real name. But when I saw this, I somehow realized that she also has a life. She also has feelings. I sound really silly writing this, I’m fully aware of that. And of course I knew she had a life and feelings, but I didn’t think about it. Probably didn’t really care. But she’s more than the picture I had in my head.

I can’t really explain it, at least not precisely. The only thing I know is that she is not titled “the girl I don’t like” anymore.”

I just thought that someone, somewhere, wanted to know this. That’s why I shared it. Haha!

Love, Sara

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