When I Can Be Myself

Do you know what I love about my school? You can be whoever you want, and dress however you want. It’s not like you’re gonna stand out because everybody else is doing the same thing. It’s really great. It’s so amazing to see your friends starting over and being whoever they want to be. I guess that’s the beauty of starting a new school.
I keep praying I’ll get close to those I’ve lost contact with before, and get friends that I need and will need me.

As far as I know, there’s four Christians in my class, including me. Me and and a sister in Christ were talking about Christianity with a girl in our class for some reason and she told us she was a Christian. “Thank you, Lord!” I said on the inside, “Awesome!” I said on the outside and we high-fived. Later, another girl tells me she’s a Christian. Amazing, huh? I love having Christians around me, it’s like I can be exactly myself. I don’t have to hide anything, or think about what I say.

I still want God to use me there. I have no idea how, but somehow. I’m so thankful for my Christian friends I have in other classes. We got each other’s backs without thinking about it. We’re brothers and sisters in Christ when it all comes around. So, so thankful for that.

I keep listening to the song “You Love Me Anyway” by Sidewalk Prophets. Some days, when I’m listening to that song, I have to fight the urge to kneel down on the ground while crying my heart out and ask God to forgive me. Today has been one of those days.

Love, Sara

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