Getting In Trouble

Remember how I told you that I thought I would get in trouble for refusing to do yoga? I was right! I told my drama-teacher that I didn’t want to do yoga, Pilates or this creepy relaxing thing. She kept telling that we weren’t going to do the spiritual things, but I refused. Instead of just letting me of the hook she said that she was going to “discuss it with the principal” and how no one never, ever, had complained about this before. My mom called the principal today to clear things out. To check that I would’t get accused of skipping. He told her that I was of the hook for the next drama-lesson, and that he was going to talk to the teachers. We have to see him next thursday because we have to “discuss the situation”. For me, there’s nothing to discuss. I’m not going to do any of it. Period.

I finally got my MacBook in school today! I have always wanted a MacBook, so standing there in the school-corridor with a MacBook in my hands… That feeling was so incredible. I’m so thankful!

I colored my hair red a week ago. The whole thing was quite impulsive. The whole idea hit me when I was on a bus to Gothenburg after school, and my hair was red the same night.
I don’t know if being impulsive is a good or a bad thing. It’s probably both, depending on the ideas. But I definitely don’t regret this! I love it so much! It takes time getting used to it though. At first, I freaked out every time I saw my own reflection. I’m not doing this anymore though. Gladly.

I have the most amazing classmates. Everyone is so different from the other and sometimes you wonder if some of them would even be friend if it wasn’t for the fact that they were classmates. But, one thing do we all have in common though; we all wants to be actors. We all share this crazy dream of actually making it in the acting-industry. I love it!

Love, Sara

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