Standing Up For What I Believe In

Yes, I did meet the principal. He was really trying to be professional, but  you could clearly see he thought that there was something wrong with me. My mom actually said to him that he was being professional, even though he didn’t believe everything we told him.
For a few seconds he looked terrified, and he started to tell us all about how he had his own opinions about this world. What if we thought that he was on our side? We wouldn’t want that, would we?
If you’ve followed my blog you probably know that I’ve prayed all summer that God will use me at this school, now I’m all in the middle of some kind of revolution. Thankfully, the whole thing is kind of calm right now. What I have to face everyday now are people’s opinions. You can’t be a Christian at this school and just expect others to accept that. It’s a fight, and the only thing you can do is trust in the Lord.

“How Christian are you?” is probably the question I’ve been asked the most during my time here. The question confuses me every time it comes up. How Christian I am? They always ask it as if I have a disease, and they want to know how contagious it is. I always ask them to tell me the limits. “Do you go to church every Sunday?” is very common. No, no I don’t go to church every Sunday. This confuses them. Because that’s Christianity to some people. Go to church. If you do that, God will accept you.
How I wish they’ve seen the things I have seen, and experienced the things I have experienced. I don’t believe things happen by chance. God has this all worked out. I’m supposed to be in this school, and in this class. And I know things is gonna get harder, but I also know that I’m not alone.

Love, Sara

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