Even Here, In This Great Darkness

But still even here, in this great darkness, a comfort and hope come breaking through. As I can say, in life or death, “God we belong to you!”

Yours (New Verse) – Steven Curtis Chapman

That’s how I feel right now. As if I’m in this great darkness, but that I still know, somewhere deep down, that I’m gotta get out of it. Someone once told me that being a Christian was easy. I have realized lately that he either must have been lying, or he never really understood the wonder of being a Christian. If that’s the case, that he never understood the wonder of being a Christian, I feel sorry for him.

I heard the horrible news about the hurricane, Sandy, and what she has destroyed in some of the cities in the U.S. My prayers goes out to the people there.
The weird thing was, when I heard about what she has done in New York, I thought; “Oh no! My city is in trouble!” That was my first thought. My city was in trouble. My city. New York. My city.
Let me tell you that I have never been in the U.S. Even less in New York City. Maybe it was prophetic somehow.

Fall Break is now officially over in Sweden! For me, that means that we are going to have yoga in the drama-classes I’m taking, which I have refused to attend to.
So, now I’ll have to face the principal (yes, it’s true), teachers who’s angry with me (or just think I’m weird), judgmental students, opinions and awkward silences whenever someone says the word Yoga. Exciting, am I right?

Oh well, good thing we have the Lord, brothers and sisters. He’s always with us, even though we doubt that sometimes. Trust me on this.

Love, Sara

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