Whom Shall I Fear?

There’s a guy named Jefferson Bethke who uploads these amazing youtube-videos about faith. One video really made me think. I have been thinking about the same thing, so I’m going to write parts of the video mixed with my sayings. You can watch the video here.

You probably know that there’s passages in the Bible saying that Jesus asks for everything in us. You need to give up everything for him. You need to love him more than your mom and your dad and everything on earth that stand you close. Pretty rough, huh? It’s almost like, how dare he attitude?!

But if you think about it, how come he is the only one we get mad at for asking that? We are perfectly fine with everything in our lives asking everything from us and asking us to sacrifice for. It’s not that we should get mad at Jesus for asking everything from us, in fact, everything does that. You might not even believe in God, but everyone has that one thing that is King or God. There’s one thing in every single one of our lives that demands everything from us. Even the dictionary defines God as “whatever we make supreme”.
Reality check: If you can’t give it up, you don’t own it. It owns you.

So, it’s not that Jesus is unique by asking everything from us, but Jesus is unique because he gave up everything for us first! Jesus is the only one out of lust, anger, adultery, relationships, reputation, power, sex, he’s the only one out of all these things that actually gives you everything.
The other things always over-promise and under-deliver, but Jesus only says “I’m only demanding your life because I gave you my life. I’m only demanding your obedience because I served you first.” When you understand that, when you see that the cross is the ultimate compelling love pulling you in, you’ll realize that he’s better than every single thing you’ve been pursuing in this life.

”Everybody thinks I’m crazy. They say, ”you take the Jesus-thing too seriously.” Well, I don’t know, but Christ took me pretty seriously when He died for me on the Cross”

Jesus died for you. Yes, for you. I know that I sound like every other pastor when I’m saying this, but you have to know that. He died not just for the sins you have done, but for the ones you will do. He took our filth and our sin, and the beauty is; when you trust in Jesus, you’re included in him. When he went to the grave, so did you, and when he rose from the grave, your life became brand new. He said that his job is finished, that your new life begins. You can actually have freedom, stop wallowing in your sin.

No wonder it’s called good news, right?

My strength is in Your name, for you alone can save. You will deliver me, yours is the victory. Whom Shall I Fear?

I’m leaving you for now with this amazing song! God bless you!

Love, Sara

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