Changing the World Day By Day

2013, huh? It feels so weird saying it out loud, as usual. It’s always like this in the beginning of a year, and we always get used to it so incredibly fast. It’s kind of fascinating.
Am I the only one feeling like this is the year of recovery and newness? I don’t know why, but it just feels like it is.
I don’t usually make New Year Resolutions, (usually because I always manage to break them within the first week ) but this year I actually have!
I am going to write down everything I buy, and how much money I have! 
To be honest, this is probably the most boring thing I have ever promised myself to do, but since I’m really bad with money I’m hoping I’ll get better by doing this!

It feels like I am going to spend a lot of time in prayer this year. Not because I have to or because someone has told me to, but because I need it. The world needs it. As most Christians knows, times are going to get harder in many ways and I, personally, want to get closer to our Savior this year.

My main prayer this year is going to be that God uses me, somehow, to encourage someone each and everyday. I have realized that you can do so much if you just… care enough? to do it. I’m not talking about things like giving away one of your lungs (sure, that would be completely amazing!) but just small things that brighten your day. I’m sure that has happened to you sometime. And I’m going to stop listening to music so much (that is going to make my mom happy) and actually look around and listen. It may sound crazy, but with God everything is possible.

I want to focus on my blog more this year. I always put too much thought into the post I make, which causes me not to post that often, which I want to do. But then again, I have a feeling saying a lot is going to happen this year, so I believe it’ll be fine.


God bless you! Love, Sara

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