Roses, Happiness and Awakening

Roses. Happiness. Awakening. Those are the words that comes to mind when I think about last week. Roses; because there were a lot of them. Happiness; because I haven’t felt that happy in a long time, and awakening; because all of us realized how real God is. As if we all have been sleeping all along and we finally woke up.
I went snowboarding. Destination: Norway. A church I have been going to since I was little made this camp, consisting of eight people.

Two nights before Valentine’s day Pumba, the camp-holder (I’ll tell you the story behind the name another time) came up with this awesome idea of giving out roses to people with Bible-verses taped onto them. So that’s what we did. We bought one hundred (yes, one hundred!) roses in different colors and then we sat around a table writing down the Bible verses on small pieces of paper. All of it written in Norwegian.

…and the greatest of these is love. 1 Cor 13:13

…and do everything with love. 1 Cor 16:14

We went to the mall in town, giving roses to cashiers, costumers and random people on the street. At the ski resort we gave them to the workers and skiers/snowboarders. Everything was so much fun and so awkward, but it still felt as if doing this was the most normal thing in the world.

That night, being the last night there, we decided we were going to pray for each other, one on one. Considering this was a Christian camp, everyone had done this before, and I don’t think anyone really expected this time to be different in any way. This time was different though. The Holy Spirit fell upon the room and I, who apparently have some sort of discernment-gift, could really feel what a threat we were to Satan. How angry he was. The night was truly amazing and the people got to use their spiritual gifts and grow in their faith.
It felt as if everybody realized how real God is that night, and how it really is a fight being a Christian. I am so thankful for that week, and I’m thanking God for everything that happened.

Love, Sara


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