The Perks of My Delusional Hopes and Dreams

Am I the only one feeling as if summer-break is some kind of a restart-button? It is that time of the year when you may do something drastic and it is totally okay.
You may be starting a new school and have all these hopes and dreams (maybe even worries, but I promise you that you’re gonna be fine) of how it might be. Maybe you get a dramatic haircut and you feel like a whole new person. You may dye your hair in some creative color. You may meet tons of new people who inspire you and makes you do all these things you’ve always wanted to do. You may have spent all of your time at home by your computer and now wonders where the summer-break went. You may fall in love. You may even get a girl/boyfriend. You may completely change your way of clothing in an attempt of really finding yourself. I may or may not be guilty of the thickly marked lines. I’m just saying.

Maybe you’re like me and promise yourself to be so much kinder and so much smarter etc, etc, next semester. Your grades and going to be amazing because you are really going to focus on school, or you are going to be so good at work and your boss are going to love you, and you are going to have the most amazing social life and make so many new friends. You are going to completely change your life around and everybody in the entire world are going to love you.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I, however, never live up to these things. Still, every year I think of all of this and really, like really really, believe that all these things are going to happen. Then, of course, reality strikes in and you figure life’s harder when you’re out of your head. Which is both a good and a bad thing, I guess.
Even though I’m completely delusional and do this stuff every. single. year. I still love the fact that I do it. Not because of all the excitement I have for the next semester, but for the moment I fail accomplishing these things. That is the moment when I realize that I am perfectly fine the way I am. My surroundings are perfectly fine with me and I don’t have to change anything and make me into something I’m not. Even though I’m not the smartest or the prettiest or have the best grades, I’m enough, and that’s all that matters to me.

Love, Sara


One thought on “The Perks of My Delusional Hopes and Dreams

  1. Hello my dear friend S.Johansson 😉 I guess you know who I am now, Well, randomly I checked your blog, and I cant do anything else than agreeing with you. Its so true that every year you start school, you have new goals, and achievments and then about a week later, you are back to your usual routines. Which do not inlude your new goals. Well, thats life. You just have to do some small better steps every year, and in the end you will realise how much inprovement you have really made.. Its difficult to except that everything in your life, should get better instantly. So well, just keep it up. The 2nd year in gymn is kind of the most hard, (ppl say), well, I say, dont think like that. Just enjoy. because it will end up sooner than you blink, I promise!

    Misses you and being with you in Alanya.. Now you must be sure who I am?!


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