Delivered, Strong and Free

I’ll have you know that I have dreamt of writing this post. I always imagined it to be full of joy and how I tell you how wonderful everything is. I imagined this part of my life to be like the song “I’m Alive” by Peter Furler. Things never really are exactly as you expect them to be, are they? It’s not that I’m disappointed, because I’m not. It’s just that I imagined this time of my life to be… easier.

Do you remember me telling you that I had some sort of body-ache? It felt as if I had this creature on the inside of my ribs and how it grabbed my ribs, pulling them inwards, making a hard time for me to breath. I never told you, but it got worse over time. I ended up having trouble hanging out with Christians, I couldn’t go to church, I couldn’t pray nor have other Christians pray for me since I would literally manifest. That is, by the way, the grossest thing ever. I threw myself backwards and forwards and I kept making these hand gestures as if to protect myself from the prayers.

However, I was in Denmark over summer-break and this one guy, this one pastor,  Curry Blake, laid his hands on me and commanded it to go. Sadly, it wasn’t as pretty as you thought it would be. He didn’t walk up to me and was like: “Hello there, God’s child. I come to you in holiness and I command your body-ache to disappear.” Nope. I had a hard time even walking up to him since I had this thought telling me to run in the other direction. When I got to him and he put his hands on my shoulders, I backed away. When he once again put his hands on my shoulders, I began to shake violently and growl at him. The really weird thing was that I knew that I was doing these things; backing away, shaking, and growling, but I couldn’t control it. I remember standing there thinking: “Sara, what on earth are you doing? Stop it!”

It did disappear though. Not at once. Not as he was praying from me, nor as I was walking out of that place that night. Not even the day after. It wasn’t until I got back to Sweden as I realized that it was gone.
So, that’s that, I guess. I was delivered. I am delivered. I think it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet.
I’m not sure of what I was expecting, but this is not it. I feel like a war is starting, not a physical one, but a spiritual one. A new, different war. The thing is that I’m sickly excited about it. I am now sure of where I stand, and I know that nothing can really hurt me. At least not anything from the spiritual world.

Love, Sara


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