We Were Infinite

Almost three months ago, the seventh of September, I came along with my boyfriend Max, his dad and his dad’s girlfriend Pia, to their grandmother. I love meeting Max’s relatives and I had a really good time with good food and good company.

However, As we were heading home, his dad turned around and began to drive back. “What are we doing?”, Max asked and looked around.
“Wait, there’s something I want to show you.”, his dad said at the front seat. Pia looked over at him from the passenger seat and smiled as if she knew exactly what we were going to do. “What’s going on?”, I asked her, bending forward to avoid shouting. She looked back at us and smiled wide.

It was pitch dark outside, except for the yellow streetlights casting its light down for us in the most comforting way. Trees were surrounding us form the sides and I suddenly realized how much I love driving in the dark. There’s something calming about.
After a couple of minutes the car slowed down and turned left, onto a small uphill leading to a small village close to where I live, but never visit.
“Where are we going?”, Max asked once again, bending forward to get a better look out of the windshield. As the light reached his face it hit me once again how beautiful he is.
“We’re almost there”, his dad announced. Max looked at me curiously. I shrugged, looking back out of the window.
We kept on driving, through the still awake village and off into the dark. No cozy streetlights. No bypassing cars. Only us against the dark.
After a couple of minutes we pulled over. “You might need this.”, Pia said, handing us a big, warm blanket.
“Are we…?” Max started. Yes. Yes, we were. Max’s dad owns a convertible car and I was too excited to let Max finish his sentence, I threw the blanket over us and crawled over to him.
“Now, look at this.” Max’s father pressed a button somewhere on his side and the roof began to roll back. It was dead silent.

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

– Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

The most beautiful starry sky was before us. Thousands and thousands of stars, too close to each other and too many to get a glimpse of any constellations. I looked up at Max who’s eyes were fixed to the sky and I thought about how many people there are looking up at the same sky, both at this moment and at all the times the sky has looked at this. I wondered how those people felt and thought and it, and if they still remember it today.
“We are infinite”, I whispered into the silence, loud enough for them to hear me whisper, but quietly enough for anyone not to hear what I’d said.
Max looked down at me, wondering. I shook my head, smiling, not daring to say those words out loud once more. But that night, in the car, with the endless amount of stars, the four of us. In that moment, I swear, we were infinite. 

Love, Sara


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