Imperfectly Perfect

I saw that you were perfect so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect so I loved you even more.

Have you ever heard this saying? I found it a few years ago and I have loved it ever since. It describes how we, when we are in love, just adore everything about that special person. Even all the flaws. All the beautiful scars, maybe both physical and mental, and how they may flinch at something that happens because of their history. Their stories, their jokes that you may not actually find funny, but because it’s them, they are. How we love how they act when they’re cranky or tired. How we love when they are mad and unable to speak and walk out of the room. You find it adorable that they are punishing you by ignoring you when you’ve done something they thought was bad. The way they scream at you to love them the days things are not going so well, or they way they hide under a blanket when they feel bad for something and refuse to talk about it.

Can I just not agree with this for a moment? Because what happens if their scars and brokenness affects you? Maybe you care too much and try to fix it and it backfires right at you? Because maybe it was harder than you thought it would be. Maybe you’re just too different. Maybe you just see things too differently. Maybe you’re the one getting hurt. Maybe it does piss you of when that person is acting up. Maybe you’re all of a sudden in the same thing that person is in.  Maybe you would be better off with that person.

But, maybe, just maybe, God has everything under control. Maybe it’s all a spiritual war and we’re both being attacked. Maybe the thief’s purpose is to kill, steal and destroy, as John 10:10 says, because when you think about it, many miracles has happened. Maybe it is all a part of a plan. Maybe I am a part of a plan. Maybe we just need to put our trust in the Lord and everything will be okay.

Will it be okay?
I believe it will.
I hope it will.

Love, Sara


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