There and back again! (without the there)

20150107-231348-83628276.jpgIt’s been a long time, hasn’t it?
Frankly, I want to get back here. Although, this time I won’t be telling you what kind of year my gut is telling it will be. Maybe it’s the age (you’re supposed to be grown up when you’re eighteen, right?) but I have realized that the only way I’m going to have a good year is if I make it good, and I promise you this year will be the best one yet! (Yes, I know I say that every year.)

Some things are a bit different from the last time I was here though. I went from wanting to become an actor, to become a police officer, to wanting to become an actor again. I also started to paint, draw and bind books (as the one in the picture, WHICH IS NOT DONE!). I’ve found myself getting lost in writing and drawing, which is amazing for me since I still don’t see myself as a creative person.

Let’s try this again, shall we?

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