Faith Improved

So, I’ve gotten a summer-job! I now work in a second-hand store. It’s really amazing since the money goes to charity. I feel so blessed having this job. I have been working there for a week now and all the staff and all the volunteers are all so incredible. You walk around with a smile on your face. I’ve realized that I love being a cashier there, since I love talking to people, and I love when there’s a lot to do. All the time.

Anyways. at work, there’s a guy in a wheelchair. Talk about my faith has been improved drastically because every time I see this guy I’m thinking: “What on earth is he doing there?! Why isn’t anyone doing anything?! Everybody, get in a circle and pray in the spirit! He’s gonna be standing up before we leave this room!”
Now, I haven’t seen anyone get up from a wheelchair, yet. I’ve seen a blind lady get her sight back though, not that it’s the same thing. I somehow know that I’m gonna see a lot of miracles in the near future.

I wanna tell you guys about what’s happening on Saturdays. You know, when I’m out evangelizing with some friends. God is doing some mind-blowing miracles on the streets in the middle of Gothenburg, Sweden! I’m gonna write it all down some time. I promise!

I’ve gotten some persecution because I’m a Christian. It’s actually really weird. I’m being accused of the weirdest things, and Christianity is probably the most common topic between my non-christian friends and I. You see, I don’t have to talk about God, or what he’s doing, at all. They keep bringing it up themselves. It’s really great. God’s clearly working with them. It’s really amazing to see the progress though.

I just felt like telling you guys this. God bless you all!

Love, Sara