A Small Update

I haven’t blogged in a while now. Sorry about that.

I’ve felt that it’s not happening enough of things in my life for me to blog about it, but this week has been the opposite. It has been my lack of creativity which has stopped me from writing it all down. Let’s see how much I can remember.

When I was at the hospital my doctors told me I was “a difficult case”. Which meant that they had no idea why I was feeling the way I did. Then the doctors came and said something like: “We don’t really know what it is, but we’re guessing you’ve had an extreme ovulation.”
Now, this is the main joke between my friends. If you say you have headache or something, someone is gonna say: “How’s your ovulation going for you?” or something like that. I have weird friends, I know.

God has answered my prayers! I can’t tell you where I’m going yet, but I have prayed to go there with some people, and a few days ago they asked us to go with them! We’re going there in early August. I’m gonna tell you more about it later. I’m also gonna write a diary when I’m there, which I’m gonna post here when I’m back!

Right now I’m getting ready for an awesome day in Gothenburg. I’m gonna be out evangelizing with some friends!

I wrote this post while I was in a hurry. Please tell me if there’s some spelling mistakes or if something’s unclear.

Love, Sara