When the Devil attacks, God is there.

I find it amazing how one simple song can bring back so many memories. As I was listening to Spotify, when “Whom Shall I Fear” by Chris Tomlin came on and memories from two years back came rushing to my mind like of herd of bisons running for their lives. “Don’t forget me, Sara!”
Back then I thought those nights were awful, but looking back at them, they were actually not that bad. It was at this prayer group my mom and I went to every wednesday for six months. I saw healing. I saw manifestations. I saw the things I, as a long-time Christian, have always wanted to see. Things the pastor has only spoken of.
Maybe I’m selfish, I don’t know, but the awful thing was that nothing, NOTHING, ever happened to me. Those nights the holy spirit was present and everybody could feel it, I was the only one not feeling it. When they laid hands on the sick, they were healed. When they laid their hand on me, nothing happened. As the others were sitting in the living room, I sat in the kitchen drinking tea. Thankfully, I had David.
David is one of those persons you learn from. You learn and learn and learn. About everything, but especially about things in the Bible. Maybe, just maybe, I needed that then. I am not saying that it “wasn’t my time” for my healing or deliverance because I believe it is always God’s will to heal and to deliver. I believe that certain attacks just have trouble letting go. Which happened to me.
I was delivered last summer so the deliverance came, but I believe that God used that time when I was not being delivered, to teach me. About him and about the Bible.

My point is, when the Devil attacks you, God is there. Even though you can’t see it. Because usually, when you feel like you’re in a hopeless situation, that’s where God does his best work.

 Love, Sara

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