All About Perspective

I am writing to free my mind. I am writing to know what I think. I am writing to get it out.
It happened again. I changed my dream. I want to be a part-time solder. Yes, a soldier.
It has come to my realisation that everything is better understood if you see it from the right angle. If you step out of the me-box, in which I find myself so often lost in.
I want to I need to be a part of something bigger than myself. Of something that matters not only to me, but a lot of people. I think that is why I wanted to be a police officer a few months ago. To be a part of something bigger. To help people. To be needed.
Also, I can’t deny the fact that I need that fuck-you to everyone who told me that ”little Sara can’t do anything”. I’m still 5’3 on 110 pounds, but I will not let that stop me from getting the things I want. Because, why should it? Why shouldn’t I do what I want to do? I need to stop making excuses to myself.
As I’m on my way home, walking down my street I realise I am just one of the maybe hundreds of people living on that street. How I’m actually really small compared to everything and how there’s so much more.
I need to remind myself of that; there’s so much more.

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