A New Beginning

I have always wanted to start a blog, but since I’m not much of an excellent writer nor that creative, it has never happened. Until now.

So, who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I know I have. Thousands of times. Do you know what my answer was? I can’t tell you that, yet. Because I haven’t come up with an answer. I’m still trying to figure out who I am. Maybe that’s not much big of a deal since I’m only fifteen years old while writing this. I’m pretty sure a lot of teens feel the way I do.

But I do know some things, it would be weird otherwise. I wanna be an actress. I also wanna move to New York someday. But this isn’t possible right now. Not with this life I have now. But I somehow know that I’m gonna make it.

I have always felt that I want to make a change in this world. I’m for charities when it comes to helping people in need. I’m too lazy for the turn-off-the-lights-when-you-go-out-of-the-room-stuff.

So, why did I start this blog?

Well, it surely has something to with my need to do the opposite of what people tell me. All my life I’ve been doing what people has told me to do, not having the confidence to do whatever I want. It’s time to change that. This is  the place where I’m gonna be me, and not caring what people think. So it can get kinda private. But whatever, that’s the point of having a blog, right?

So, this is quite huge. A new part of my life, and we’ll see what it leads to.

Love, Sara

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