Life Doesn’t Get Easier When You’re a Christian

While I’m sitting here I can hardly remember the pain I feel in school. I love that. It’s like I can breathe again. Like someone has his or her hands around my neck, and when I came in here it’s like that someone Had to let go of me.

I’ve heard several times people saying that life doesn’t get easier when you are a Christian. It gets harder. A lot harder. I can’t do more than agree with them since I get jumped on every day for being a Christian.
Today I had a conversation, once again, with a girl who was trying to make me believe that God doesn’t exist. She was even going to send me a link where they discussed Chistianity and how they apparently had “proof” saying God doesn’t exist. I said several times that it didn’t matter what she said. I will always believe in God and follow him. I’ve seen so many miracles, so me saying God doesn’t exist is just idiotic.

While we were sitting there talking and she was talking all about these completely random stuff that didn’t make any sense, I just sat there smiling. I hardly said anything. I talked, sure. But I didn’t tell her everything, stuff that would make her realize. Why? I felt like I didn’t have to. I don’t have to sit there, in a school corridor, and discuss why I’m a Christian. Since I’m not baptized in the holy spirit I don’t have the evangelizing-thinking. But it will come, I don’t doubt that at all.
I’m at a Christian meeting right now. That’s why I’m bringing this up.

I just wanted to get this out of my chest. Are you being jumped on for being a Christian? Or maybe nobody cares? Why is that? If you wanna tell me something, anything, I’m here to listen. Don’t be afraid to hit me up.

Love, Sara

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