Our God’s Alive

A few days ago, my Anti-Christianity-History-teacher said something that caught my attention. He said ”I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of Christians in this class, but when it comes to believing, not that many.”, then he smiled (the same smile he always make each time he says the Jesus-story is a fairytale) as if ”that many” was an extreme exaggeration.
For the rest of the day I thought about the school’s Christian association (or whatever it’s called) Shalom. You see, when we were taking the school photo of every association at school around 80 students showed up for Shalom’s photo. Then, at the actual meeting I was on, we ended up being somewhat 20, and the girls who were taking care of the meeting were both completely amazed so many had shown up.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love that Christian compound, even though I have only been there once this semester.

The thing is, I totally get the ones which doesn’t come. I grew up in a Christian home, I went to church with my mom every Sunday, and at the age of seven I went to a Christian school. My mom wasn’t strict when it came to my faith, so she didn’t force me to church when I ended up not wanting to go.
Can I just clear one thing out? Going to church and hearing the same thing you have heard hundreds of times, that is boring. The pastor is talking all about how Jesus died for you because of love, and how he later went up to heaven and will come back very soon. He talks about how God does miracles even today, and sometimes you even wonder if he personally has seen any, or if it’s just his job to say that. Been there, done that.

I’m gonna say the same thing my mom always says about this; ”I want the real thing!”
Now, when I’ve seen God do miracles myself, I can’t handle going to Christian meetings where it doesn’t happen anything. That doesn’t give me anything. I’ve been to too many meetings like that.
I’m not clanking down on the church, so don’t leave this site believing that. I just want more churches to come alive, because our God’s alive. He really is.

Love, Sara 


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